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This is the place to see the wonderful weddings John covers each year in Ireland and South West France (and a few far flung locations)

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If you are here just to find out more about John's style and work.. read on...

John is not your normal Wedding Photographer he will record your day and produce a selection of images which will be simply amazing. His expertise is "catching the moment" and wether it be in stunning black and white or spectacularly vibrant colour he will produce images that capture the essence and ambience of the day.

John will be with you all day and by the time he makes his goodbyes (often after midnight) you will have a set of images to treasure forever.

I limit the amount of weddings I do each year. For two main reasons.

1. Pressure of work I'm often involved in long term projects that take me away during the Summer months

2. I love photographing people and Weddings are such a special event I like to stay fresh. This way I can capture the style and ambience of each one perfectly. Also all the images are carefully tuned and tweaked to achieve the best possible result fro the RAW files from the cameras. This of course takes time and patience, and like the cooking in France the results speak for themselves.

John Armstrong-Millar

Photographe D'Art